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Acer Aspire 5100 Series Laptop. junk. LEMON!

My husband purchased an ACER 5100 SERIES Laptop from Circuit City in Concord NH for me in December of 06 for about $800+Accessories for a total of $1400. Within 5 months of owning the laptop I had to send it back to Acer to be repaired because it was freezing, and blacking out. They sent it back, and it seemed to be fine. Approx. 3 months later I contacted them again, because my adapter stopped working. They told me they couldnt help me, that adapters were not covered under my warranty.(Which I found out was totally false) I purchased a new adapter, and subsequently had to continue to purchase a total of 8 adapters AT MY OWN COSTS of approx $55-100 each! because the laptop would cause them to short out. I returned my lap top to Acer under my warranty for a total of 4 repairs just to ACER themselves. Each time my laptop returned still broken, or with repairs that only lasted a short time. In approx March of 08 my laptop started heating up, and becoming so hot, that it burned my finger, causing a permanent scar. I returned my laptop to NEXICOR in June because it was now under the extended warranty, they returned it about 2 weeks later. It arrived in nearly the same condition it departed in. Still broken, shorting out, crashing, falling apart etc.. Again, I returned the laptop to NEXICOR for a total of 6 TIMES!! having been out for repair. Ive been without my laptop this time for 3.5 weeks. They tell me its very unlikely they'll be able to find the parts to fix this laptop. But that I should just continue to wait. Ive had this computer IN my house, less time than it has spent OUT of my house doing nothing for me. Im tired of wasting my time, and money to send it back to be repaired when NOTHING will work. Its clearly a lemon. I want a replacement laptop, NOT from Acer. I believe it is totally their problem, and fault due to poor customer service, poor workmanship on the computer and I dont believe its fair to have to continue to wait, while I have no laptop. After filing a complaint with the BBB I did speak with a service rep from Acer. And yes, they have told me all along they only have record of my computer being WITH THEM 1 time. I find it quite convenient that they only say its been there once. The woman I spoke with, said Acers position is that since the ACER warranty ran out a year ago, Im out of luck. I find this nothing less than ridiculous. No matter if the waranty from ACER ran out a year ago, or 3 days ago, it is STILL an ACER computer. Its an ACER laptop that crashes on a daily basis, An ACER laptop that I CANT use in my classroom, an ACER laptop that BURNED ME! leaving a scar on my hand, an ACER laptop that has tried to be repaired TIME AND TIME AGAIN! This is NOT a warranty issue, its a PRODUCT issue. I have an extended warranty on the laptop. Im not having issue with the warranty. Im having issue with their product being a piece of junk. Acer is a huge company, I am 1 customer, with a LEMON of a laptop. There are thousands of complaints against ACER all over the internet, they should clean up their act and start listening to consumers! What a sad time it is for consumers who spend good, hard earned money to buy a product they EXPECT will last longer than 12m, and theyre told by the manufacturer, that once that 12m mark is up, they want no part of their own product. I will continue to hold my position, my laptop is JUNK, it has been junk since it was under the ACER warranty, its junk now. Its a lemon! Wake up ACER, money is tight these days, consumers are doing their homework before making purchases like home computers, and laptops. People will find these thousands of complaints and NOT purchase your products. I plan to voice my opinion of ACER to every consumer website I can find. ACER you have let a loyal customer down. Never NEVER again will I buy a product from you.
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I also have this same laptop as you and they are TOTAL JUNK !!! Acer's customer support sucks also, and how the *** can you not sell me a recovery cd for a 4 year old computer??

I tried buying one 2 years ago when it broke. I will never buy or recommend an Acer product.


We are NOT happy with Acer or its customer service. Our computer is still under manufacturers warranty and we have an extended warranty but of course what's wrong isn't covered.

OK fine. They told us to take it to a authorized service center but didn't mention where and hung up. When we called back to check that person talked us into ANOTHER warranty plan for $239.00 and they'd be able to fix it over the phone. 3 HOURS LATER still nothing and the computer is worse than when we started.

We told them we were done and wanted our money back as we could go elsewhere and get it fixed for what they were charging. Now they want to say they can't refund us all the $$ because they'd been on the phone all this time and that cost. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We sat on hold more than we did anything.

We told them from the start the problem we were having and we couldn't get on the internet because our WiFi driver wasn't working. Yet they continued to keep us on the phone with lets try this and lets try that knowing it wasn't doing any good. They couldn't even remotely access our computer because of the problems. Yet they kept us on the phone forever and again, we spent more time on hold than actually talking with them.

They'd say let me check and I'll be right back so off they'd go to do god knows what while we sat there 10-15 minutes listening to dead silence. Then when we wanted a refund their customer service wanted us to let their EXPERT LEVEL techs help us. Three hours later and now you want to tell us you have someone better that can fix our problems! Why didn't anyone mention this during the whole time we messed around with the flunkies?

I told them no thanks we just want our money back only to be told they could only do a partial refund because after all, their techs has been on the phone all that time trying to help us. What a joke.


I will never again buy Acer. Another loyal customer lost here.


You've had it bad with Acer. Their ""Service"" is disgraceful. They also told me that "this is not a warranty issue". Although my wallet has been hurt and not me physically. I would be distraught in your case. My case is firewire express card (tried 3 different ones) totally stops the wireless (adapter) internet from working. They say the technicians can't find a problem, but just because they can't fix it really. Ok, they say it's the card, but tried 3, so what's the chances of three faulty cards.

I'd like to call them Acerholes, but I will never say that. Maybe I mean by this they got me stuck in a right Acerhole or maybe not. They sure need to clean up their act.

Yours sympathetically,


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Do Not buy Acer Laptops

I bought a Aspire laptop in April, 2007, it gave me the "blue screen of death" twice in 11 months - Acer did not honor their warranty ( I guess they are good at this). I contacted the Texas Better Business Bureau, filed a complaint.. Acer has agreed to a mediation session over my complaint. (I had to pay a small fee to the BBB). Good news, Acer is trying to get into the BBB, and needs to clean up their act. SO, I WOULD ADVISE ALL OF YOU WHO ARE PISSED AT ACER, OR HAVE BEEN SCREWED BY THEIR *** COMPUTERS to file a complaint. You may get heard!!
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typo error correction """"Service"""


I can relate to you. I had to send my Acer Aspire 6920g 3 or 4 times on warrenty basis.

All previous complaints dealt with except this latest where my express slot does not support fire wire express card - it knocks out the wireless internal adapter. I have tried several different cards and same bad result. Acer say that the warranty (even platinum warranty) does not support 3rd party hardware. Although my argument is they should have said in the specifications that firewire express card don't work correctly.

They are excellent at deflecting issues and acer will never acknowledge there is a problem with a model.

Not what one expects when one has spent over £1000 (pounds sterling or many more dollars). So I'm appalled at Acer's aftersales """""SERVIVE"""""?

Cheerio Matey


I had similar problem with Acer laptops. My new Acer laptop died after 24 hours and got an replacement.

The replacement then died after a week. When I took it back, I was told it is my fault and don't know what I was doing. I kindly explained to them that I am an electrical engineer and explain the theory of electicity to them.

I also own 5 comupters at home.

I would never buy another Acer laptop again.

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