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I purchased a computer on the Acer site. When I put it in my cart, an extra $100 was taken off the price as part of a holiday sale.

A week later, I had received no shipping confirmation so I called Acer customer service. They told me my order had been canceled. Well, thanks for telling me Acer! They told me it was canceled because I ordered with an 'International' American Express card.

I called Amex and they said there's no such things as an international Amex. Just in case, they added a shipping address in case the cancellation was due to conflicting shipping/billing addresses. I called Acer back and they were able to help me establish the purchase again. Then, they told me it was going to cost me $15 shipping.

I said no, the shipping cost was waived when I ordered it. I was put on hold for awhile then told I would be billed the $15, but it would be removed later. OK, fine. When it came time to make the purchase, they quoted me at $100 higher than I paid.

They said that the deal was only for that day and so I have to pay full price. Absolutely not. I ordered the computer on the day of the deal! They refused to lower the price so I told them to cancel the whole thing.

It's unbelievable to me that a company would be willing to lose out on a sale because its customer service is so bad. Acer had agreed to sell me a PC at a certain rate, but because their goofy policy couldn't verify my 'International' Amex, the whole thing had to be canceled.

Fool me once. Never again will I even look at Acer as a PC provider.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have the same *** issue! I want them to look at these cases and take any actions!!!