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Thinking buying an ACER computer? DON’T!

If you are going to throw money away, throw it my way. I made the mistake of buying an ACER Aspire 722 Netbook and within 3-4 months, the case split and a piece fell out. Not only that but the keys stick, it’s slow even with 2 GB RAM and the touch pad has a mind of its own. Some programs I get a flickering line that doesn’t go away.

ACER will not back their warranty. When I called customer service, I got some East Indian guy that does his best to void your warranty starting with the case is not covered under warranty. Then he wants you to mail in your computer (at your expense) while they evaluate it for CID (customer induced damage) to void your warranty, but the excuses are endless.

I took it to a local repair shop and they said they would have to remove the screen and take the case apart which would void my warranty and recommended I contact ACER, which I did. I ended up contacting a corporate office in Texas and was given an email address of where I addressed my issues with ACER.

Not only did I get no response, when I emailed again, my mail was returned. They will make it impossible for you to have them honor their warranty. They will make you jump thru every hoop imaginable to not honor their product. My computer guys also said that ACER was their #1 for repairs.

Another friend of mine had endless problems with her ACER also.

Searching for ACER complaints, at this site 94% rated it horrible out of 418 reviews.

This site has 3 page of complaints and about 60 reviews, all bad.

At this site there 27 more complaints cost the consumers over $5200

At this site there are 462 bad reviews out of 501 reviews or 92% bad reviews.

At this site there are 10 terrible reviews

This site has 71 complaints and most are about quality, repair and customer service

This site has a long list of complaints

This blog had 34 bad reviews

This complaint, ACER refused delivery for service

This Better Business Bureau in Temple Texas had 963 complaints of which 136 were complaints of warranty and 80 about service. And this only one of thousands of BBB’s.

This site is a PERFECT example of the BS you will get trying to get your ACER warranty/service

This website’s survey rated ACER as the WORST

This site has 2227 complaints out of 2923 or 76% hate ACER


Notebook Forums has tons of complaints

This site boycotts ACER and has 1769 views

These are you tube videos that are self explanatory.

This site is a computer reviews

This site also says ACER SUCKS

And you think this review is bad? Check this one out?

Complaints from around the world has 127 complaints about ACER

So here are 22 websites, 7 YouTube videos and thousands reasons of dissatisfied customers and these are the ones that actually took the time to write about their complaints. There are many, many, more so if you are thinking of buying an ACER product, you are simply throwing your money away.

I would HIGHLY recommend Samsung as they back their warranty 100%. On a personal experience, I sat on my new dual LCD camera and broke the lens. I called Samsung and they only asked for my serial number and said it was under warranty. NO OTHER questions asked. The sent out UPS to pick it up and it was repaired 100% within 10 days.

Monetary Loss: $325.

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I agree acer junk,, new computer 2 months old , windows quit loading ,,its a money ploy ,,called acer warranty ,they said to send in for repairs,,,they hinted its a virus,, yeah right,,they want money,,, never again acer.!!! bought a new dell we'll see how long this one works. DON'T BUY ACER ,,,YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!!!!!!!


I'm taking back what I said about acer aspire computer! I'm the one who wrote the review above!

what is bad about acer is there warranty support. some guy I could hardly understand had me do somethings that didn't help. then found out later the support guy didn't know what he was doing!

then I was so mad at acer I slammed it to the floor real I bought another computer (dell). so I went online with my new dell to acer support and found instructions,,works only with windows8 and 8.?

what you do is,,,if it doesn't boot ,,while on, push and hold power goes off then restarts windows,, when swirling windows appear,again, press and hold again.. repeat several times as needed till repair screen comes up,,it worked ! then I tried to repair without losing data,,but it failed,,,,however I repaired wiping everthing out and,,,hmmmm. it worked..the proof is I'm using that computer right now for this message.

so I am impressed with its durability,,never did I think it would even work after what I did to it! ,,, happy now!


I have bought "Acer Aspire One Z1402" Laptop. When I purchased this was working so smoothly and their keypads are also working good for me.

But after using six months this is creating problem for their keypads and sound speaker problem.

The sound was not so good to hear and my keypad key get removed from their place. After getting this all problem I will never buy Acer products in feature.


I had a Acer one notebook and it was my favorite thing in the world. Unfortunately, the hard drive blew up, and the insurance took cAre of it right away, no issues 1 month before it expired..i have been looking for another one because i loved it so was the blue one that ran windows 7..if i could find another like it that works, and reasonably priced i would but it in a heart beat!!!!!


I bought an acer aspire brand new once. Its junk Garbage. Its not even worth using for target practice.


Just stating and documenting facts to back what I say. That is what Pissed Consumer is all about...PISSED off consumers and there is a LOT of them with ACER.

Just telling the truth... :)


I became so angry that I smashed mine to I know it will do the job as junk! because junk it what it is!

not sure what I will buy now? but I do know it will never be a acer product again!