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Acer does not care about its customers nor do they stand behind their junk

i have 2 acer laptops both ive registered with acer and ive had nothing but problems with not only the laptops because im sure they are easy to fix..unless like me you have to turn to acer for help im not a computer guy,,the first time was ok a rough beginning but the rep and I found common ground and fixed the problem...ok well something happened wile the laptop was booting like before easy fix right?? no acer has totally ignored me for months now ive done what I have been told and even spent more money trying to fix these laptops wich I got for my kids...the company says that they canot fix the type of problems from where they are..bull they did it before and not just for me..but they can and are ready to sell you something that will fix your problem its gonna cost a lot and when you get it youll probably have to buy something else or subscribe to who knows what to download some other junk so the acer junk can not fix the problem I have not even touched on any of the bigger problems because I know it wont do any good..infact I checked my account with acer before I wrote this and come to find out...neither laptop are even registered to me the aspire kav 10 and the switch10e are not even real apparently because neither serial number match any laptop now..about 4 months on one and six month on the other trying to get help well finally caught the attention of a local watchdog type guy who says im one of a lot more than acer would like to admit..and asked if I have any proof of the claims im making luckly I recorded all calls with the acer people not to find them doing wrong but to have instructions to guide me through ...well on some of these recordings acer can be heard yelling at me and telling me that it cant be fixed so buy a new one and stop ***.....really *** im not a computer guy I said that and im not a lawyer you see what I am is a old dj/break dancing street kid nothing special wich is why acer thinks they can treat me like trash...ok they made their point now let me tell acer and anyone reading this..i never made it big a lot of things went wrong in my life and its been a really tough road but during the day of spinning on heads and all the scratching records one thing did happen and happen a lot,,,,media coverage and guess what I met a lot of people that did make it big and who are now at this moment asking me if I feel I was treated bad because I bought their junk second hand I said maybe ...heres where im gonna end this the person I bought what your company called a piece of junk from is the local watch dog who dose reports on companies just like yours and guess who watches em all us old street kids who are know buying our kids computers and phones etc.. each one of us with a lot of don't even need to contact me I know you wont fix anything and I don't wanna buy anything from you..oh and please use the expired warranty as some type of excuse so I can open up another problem that there is a lot of people willing to talk about...your company has a lot of people asking the question your not a powerhouse like apple acer should always take care of who pays your for your products,,,,well I bet your kids don't use them please remember some people just know the right people have a good day
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Acer One 10 Laptop
  • Junk products and lousy customer service
  • Technician made fake job card
Reason of review
alot bigger problems
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

Acer One 10 Laptop Review

Why is this product still for sale. I am not tech savy so I have hesitated to recognize the problem is not me but rather this deficient device. What to do? The 90 return has passed and so perhaps go back to the big box store and suggest sales are made with some kind of disclaimer. What a waste of time trying to get the device to function. As is said "you get what you pay for. "
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Acer One 10 Laptop
Reason of review
Bad quality

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