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I bought a Aspire laptop in April, 2007, it gave me the "blue screen of death" twice in 11 months - Acer did not honor their warranty ( I guess they are good at this). I contacted the Texas Better Business Bureau, filed a complaint..

Acer has agreed to a mediation session over my complaint. (I had to pay a small fee to the BBB). Good news, Acer is trying to get into the BBB, and needs to clean up their act. SO, I WOULD ADVISE ALL OF YOU WHO ARE PISSED AT ACER, OR HAVE BEEN SCREWED BY THEIR CRAPPY COMPUTERS to file a complaint.

You may get heard!!

Review about: Acer Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $670.

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I can relate to you. I had to send my Acer Aspire 6920g 3 or 4 times on warrenty basis.

All previous complaints dealt with except this latest where my express slot does not support fire wire express card - it knocks out the wireless internal adapter. I have tried several different cards and same bad result. Acer say that the warranty (even platinum warranty) does not support 3rd party hardware. Although my argument is they should have said in the specifications that firewire express card don't work correctly.

They are excellent at deflecting issues and acer will never acknowledge there is a problem with a model.

Not what one expects when one has spent over £1000 (pounds sterling or many more dollars). So I'm appalled at Acer's aftersales """""SERVIVE"""""?

Cheerio Matey


I had similar problem with Acer laptops. My new Acer laptop died after 24 hours and got an replacement.

The replacement then died after a week. When I took it back, I was told it is my fault and don't know what I was doing. I kindly explained to them that I am an electrical engineer and explain the theory of electicity to them.

I also own 5 comupters at home.

I would never buy another Acer laptop again.

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