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I just used Acer/Gateway tech support for a netbook that was having power issues. It was easy to see that the motherboard was the primary source of the problem. Since the netbook was covered under parts warranty, I called to have it repaired.

I told Acer that I would be taking out the hard drive because they didn't necessarily need it for the problem at hand. I was then told that the hard drive wouldn't be touched and they would refuse service if a hard drive wasn't it the computer.

I then proceed to asked them to just send me the motherboard then. Again, was told that couldn't be done. I went ahead against my better judgment and shipped the laptop with hard drive in it.

So you'll never guess what I get when my netbook gets returned to me? A formatted hard drive.

For a power issue, all you should have to do is turn the computer on. Does it turn on? If the answer is yes then that should be the end of that. No need to even think about touching the hard drive.

Way to go Acer/Gateway. You really sucked on that one.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acer Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Acer's support just sucks *** over all. When I had a issue I called them and waited for 50 minutes. Got someone and the *** hangs up.


Nice to see another computer "expert" who has all the answers except how to fix his own cumputer.

Dis you create an image of yer HDD beofre you sent it in? So you do a daily, weekly, monthly backup? If you answered yes then you have just proven yerself a lying person who does not deserve any support at all.

I also have an Acer laptop. Sent it in once and had no problems as I do a daily backup at night. So when i go it back I just restored my files and OS and I was good to go.